About us

About us

In a land area of 10,000 square meters in Yazd Special Economic Zone, Mahsan Salamat Arshin Private Co. started its activities in the field of “Food Production, Development and Improvement ” in 2017.
Through scientific study and market evaluation of different types of food products at national and international level, the corporation decided to work on the production and improvement of “sesame products”, as one of the indigenous industries of Yazd province. In doing so, the company also aimed at removing the deficiencies in this industry. In a short period of time, Mahsan Salamat Arshin was able to achieve remarkable success in the sesame industry, including:
  • The production of flavored and chocolate tahini halva for the first time in Iran
  • The exclusive production of functional (probiotic and synbiotic) sesame products in collaboration with experienced professors affiliated with Shiraz University and Yazd University
  • The production of new flavored sesame-based sauces and desserts
  • The introduction of innovative and competitive products to global markets and leading international chain stores
This factory has been able to expand its activities in the production of other food products, including
  • The production of chocolate and its by-products using the latest global technologies
  • The production of various date by-products in new and unique flavors
  • The production of pasteurized natural syrups
  • The production of 100% natural Iranian traditional drinks and herbal essences
Some of the unique features of the corporation are outlined below:
  • Daily production capacity of 30 tons of sesame products and 60 tons of other food products
  • The application of automatic Italian packaging machines in order to maintain the product quality and hygiene
  • Significant R&D budget allocation in order to produce and enhance innovative food products
  • Active collaboration with experienced university professors and food industry experts of Iran
  • The only manufacturing company with sesame products located in Special Economic Zone working to expand the active presence in international markets
  • Holder of Iranian Standard, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and HACCP from Germany TUV
  • No use of preservatives as well as artificial flavors and colors in the products

Our honors

Our team members

Mohammad Ali ZiaeiChairman of the Board

Engineer Ebrahim ZiaeiManaging Director

Dr. Alireza ZiaeiSenior Marketing and Sales Manager