Consume Deloca date juice like this!

شیره طبیعی خرما دلوکا

Deloca has some special offers for you:

  1. You can make a mask with Deluka date juice. This mask can keep your skin moisturized for a longer period of time during the cold and dry seasons of the year. Just mix yogurt and date juice and put it on your skin for twenty minutes.
  2. Do not forget to eat date juice. Dissolve two tablespoons of Deloca date juice in half a liter of water and put on heat. This incense makes your skin clear.
  3. Sweeten your tea, milk, drinks and other beverages with Deloca date juice instead of sugar, you have avoided the disadvantages of consuming sugar and you have consumed a rich source of iron!
  4. For your breakfast, mix Ardeh with Deloka date juice and start an energetic day.
  5. Make date pastilles. Mix water, gelatin powder and Deloca date juice and give yourself a gift of health.
  6. Instead of jam, you can use Deloca date juice next to butter and cream at your breakfast table.
  7. After eating cold foods, use date syrup: Mix Deloca date juice with water and a little rose water and drink.
  8. To quickly heal the wound and stop the bleeding, pour a few drops of Deloca date juice on it and wait 5 minutes for your wound to heal.

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